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Nano Ceram Water Filters... The Most Efficient, Effective and Affordable Water Filter in the World!

It's no secret that all the water on our planet is polluted in some way or another. It's all about to what degree it is polluted and how clean should it be for human consumption. Since water is the second most important element we need to survive it goes without saying that the cleaner the water the cleaner and healthier our bodies will be.

Water is quite possibly the most studied compound on the planet. Scientist study how dirty it is, what it does, what we can do with it, how to make it cleaner and even how to make it better. Good luck with that last one!

Making water cleaner and safer has been a challenge for many centuries but in the last 15 years there has been a very simple monumental breakthrough in how water is treated or cleaned. Many times the best ideas are the simplest ideas but they take a while to come to fruition.

After reading this information you will quickly learn how the simplicity of the Nano Ceram filters is just a small part of what makes it simply... the best water filter in the world!

This free e-book is designed to explain the benefits of the Nano Ceram water filter, how it works and why you should use on other!

The NanoCeram Story

History: The line of Nano Ceram water filters are manufactured by Argonide Corporation from Sanford, Florida. Argonide was started in 1994 by Fred Tepper, to study the new, emerging science of “Nano Technology”, and how it could be used to benefit mankind. Fred knew that water pollution was a big problem that needed a simple solution.

Mr Tepper set out to find a solution and he did. In 2002 Fred and Argonide did their own studies on their newly developed line of filter media made of paper. The paper is made in Finland by Alhstrome and is also known as the "Alhstrom Distruptor" The in-house testing of this new media showed great promise and they quickly determined it's benefits. Shortly there after, NASA  heard of this promising new breakthrough in water filters. NASA soon contracted with Argonide to build a water filter and to do a study of the new Argonide Nano Ceram filter media in space, aboard the Space Shuttle. The NanoCeram Alhstrom Media was a big success! It was so successful that in 2005 the Nano Ceram water filter was inducted into the NASA Hall of Fame.

Since the induction to the NASA Hall of Fame, the line of NanoCeram water filters has become the “go-to filter of choice” by many water treatment professionals. Individuals, businesses, manufacturers, industries and the agricultural industry choose this filter as “the filter of choice” for the best point-of- entry and point-of-use water filters they can get! For home, office or traveling the Nano Ceram filters will soon become the “filter of choice” for millions of people around the world .

As of 1/1/2015 the Nano Ceram filters are sold under the following names, Nano Ceram, Nano-Al by Enpress, Water Crest,  Clear2Go water bottles and OKO Level 2 water bottles. These filters range in size from  2” to 40” with varying diameters as well as a flat disc shape for pharmaceutical use.

Argonide will custom build filters on a mass scale but, as of now, most markets and sizes are already manufactured and sold to fill all the existing canisters and bottles available. The NanoCeram filter needs pressure behind it to work. City water pressure is needed for proper effectiveness.  They will not work on gravity filters.

What are the Nano Ceram filters made of?  These filters look much like many other filters on the market. Only a water treatment professional can tell the difference just by looking at them. They are made of a non-woven pleated paper many times thicker then other paper filters of the same size. This non-woven paper media is infused with a special “ingredient” and is “sandwiched” between two normal layers of the water filter paper.

Some amazing facts. The Nano Ceram filter media in the 2.5” x 10” filter has an effective cleaning surface area of 137,500 square feet! The 4.5” x 20” filter has an amazing 961,000 square feet of effective cleamimg surface area. A football field has only 57,600 square feet. If you do the math thats over 16 square feet of football fields! Amazingly, if you stretch out the paper media in the 4.5 x 20” filter it is only 21 square feet. Amazing fact! That information was found on one of the Argonide websites.

I have taken one of the NanoCeram filters apart to experiment with the filter media and I noticed that the media is much thicker then other paper filters I install. It was impossible for me to see how many layers there were, if any at all. It seems like there is an outer layer and an inner layer with very fine paper fiber mesh in the middle just as it is described in the article taken from one of Argonides websites.

What will a Nano Ceram Water Filter do for me?

The inherent nature of the NanoCeram water filter is that it has the ability to greatly reduce thousands of contaminants from the water like no other filter on the planet. When I first found the line of Nano filters about 5 years ago I was told that this is “disruptive technology.” Disruptive means that this type of technology will change or cause a paradigm shift in the water filter industry. This technology is so different, that most, if not all of the water filter testing facilities did not, or do not, have a classification for testing them. Most of the testing has been done by the EPA, NASA, the military, State Governments and University labs. I have assembled most of the testing results in links below. This truly is “Disruptive Technology”.

Special Side Note; I would like to first say a quick note concerning the words “remove” vs “reduce.” There is no filter that I know of that can “remove” all the contaminant from your water. The word “remove” means 100% of everything whereas the words “greatly reduce” or just “reduce” naturally means that there is still something in the water supply. If the water test shows a residual contaminant reduction level of .9999% or .9799% that is clearly not 100% so the word “remove” should not be used in the water treatment industry to explaine water filters. My goal as a water treatment professional is to educate consumers as to the the truth so you can make an informed decision and get your water as clean as possible, for good health, at an affordable price!


All the lines of the Argonide Nano Ceram and Enpress ONE Nano-AL water filters will greatly reduce the following contaminants from your water. This is by no means a full list as no one would want to read through a list of thousands of pollutants. Both lines of Nano Ceram filters have two major choices, filters that reduce chlorine and the filters that don't. All filters that have the letters “PAC” or “GAC” in the product number will greatly reduce chlorine and chloramine.

  • The line of NanoCeram water filters will greatly reduce the following contaminants.
  • Heavy metals
  • Fluoride (at a low water flow)
  • Sediment
  • Silt
  • Turbidity (should use a 5 micron pre-filter first)
  • Bacteria 
  • Virus
  • E-coli
  • RNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid)
  • DNA (Ribonucleic Acid)
  • EDC (Endocrine Disrupting Compounds) (drugs)
  • Rust (not recommended for rust above .2ppm)
  • Silica
  • Natural Organic Matter
  • Carbon
  • Turbidity
  • Chlorine, All filters with the prefix PAC will remove chlorine

Again this is by no means a full list of what the filter will remove. This is just a small list but is indicative of the contaminates that the Nano Ceram will reduce and are ones we recognize most. What sets this filter above the others is it's ablility to remove RNA, DNA and EDC's (residule drugs) from our water supply.




NanoCeram vs Reverse Osmosis.

Even though both types of filters are considered in the class of “Ultra Filters” they are completely different. Reverse osmosis (RO) does a great job of removing some contaminants but there are some it does not remove. RO systems also remove beneficial minerals. There are two major problems with all RO systems.

First, all RO's waste a tremendous amount of water. It is estimated that for every one gallon of clean water produced for consumption at least 3 and up to 5 gallons of water will go down the drain. We all know how scarce potable water is becoming so knowing that you would be wasting water with an RO system is not a good idea in our thirsty world.

Second, all RO's lower the PH (Potential of Hydrogen) of the water to a level that is not really healthy for the human body. All drinking water should have a PH of 7.0 or higher. Any water with a PH lower then 7.0 forces the body to naturally compensate for the low PH of water and food.

Another problem is that RO systems produce water very slowly and most have a 2 gallon storage tank for immediate use. When the water storage tank is empty you have to wait many hours to get another gallon of clean water.

NanoCeram filters will not change the PH of the water, they do not consume or waste scarce water down the drain and they produce a full flow of from 2 GPM to 50 GPM of clean safe water until the filter is full. That can be anywhere from 20,000 gallons to 250,000 gallons of water depending on the size of filter you have.

A whole house RO system can cost up to $30 to $40K  but thanks to this new technology you can get a whole house NanoCeram filter for under $2000

PH. The entire line of NanoCeram filters can handle a range of water PH from 4.5 to 10. Nano Ceram filters will work just as well with a low PH as with a high PH.

Nano Ceram vs Ultraviolet Light. Ultraviolet light (UV) systems are good at killing bacteria but they do not filter anything! These UV systems also have a maintenance issue, the lights have a clear glass tube that surrounds the light bulb from water. If the glass leaks and the water hits the light bulb the system is done. That very seldom happens but the real problem is that the glass tube sleeve collects dirt which stops the full spectrum of the UV light from penetrating the glass and killing the microorganisms in the water. This glass needs to be removed and cleaned every six months to be effective and the UV light needs replacing every year. The Nano Ceram does not have any of those issues.

The full line of Nano Ceram water filters reduces thousands of contaminant's, including bacteria, virus and drugs, with no power, no moving parts and no chemicals.

Water Flow Rate, The NanoCeram filters have the highest flow rate of any pleated paper filter on the market, many times greater then that of any other paper filters. They have virtually no pressure loss in the water supply system. This is a great advancement and an advantage in the water filter business.

How do you know when the Nano Ceram filters have hit their useful life? The size of the filter and the quality of the water will ultimately determine the life of the filter. The 2.5” x 10” should be good for about 20,000 gallons of city water and the 4.5” x 20” should be good for about 250,000 gallons of city water. You will know when to change the filters as the water flow from your faucets will start to decrease. To reach the highest useful life of the Nano Ceram filters, a pre-filter of 5 or 1 micron should be used before any Nano filter.

Like all water filters the water will slowly lose water flow and eventually slow to a trickle and some may just stop flowing at all. Again there should always be a pre-filter before the NanoCeram filter to extend the life of the Nano filter. I use a minimum of a 5 micron and even better is a 1 micron pre-filter. The Enpress ONE Nano-AL has a 20 micron pre-filter built in to the filter to protect the Nano Ceram and so far it seems to work well.

The sequence of in-line filters should be as follows. When I am installing a point-of-use or a whole system with three or more canisters I always protect the NanoCeram filter to prolong it's useful life. Because the Nano Ceram is the most expensive filter in the system it just makes sense to extend it's useful life with a less expensive filter. Wouldn't you rather replace a $20 filter then a $100 filter.

If I have city water I will use a carbon filter after the NanoCeram filter. Again the carbon filter cost less then the NanoCeram filter. Remember, the PAC (Powdered Activated Carbon) or GAC ( Granular Activated Carbon) means that there is some form of carbon in the filter. You can get the NanoCeram filter with a carbon core but the carbon will usually hit it's useful life before the NanoCeram is full. Since the Nano Ceram-PAC cost more, it just makes sense to replace the less expensive filters individually.

Carbon is used in filters for removing chlorine gas and is very effective at doing it's job. The chlorine gas in the water is absorbed into the carbon and held there indefinitely but the carbon will become full, at that point the chlorine in the water is no longer be absorbed into the carbon but will pass through the filter. If a 2.5 x 10” Nano Ceram filter is good for 20,000 gallons and a carbon filter is good for 5000 gallons, then why replace the Nano Ceram/carbon filter when it has not hit it's useful life?

The following picture is of the 3-post Point-of-Use under counter filter with Nano Ceram in the middle canister. The first canister is a 5 micron and the third is a carbon block filter. This system does not look fancy or flashy but will produce the cleanest and safest drug free drinking water possible at an incredibly low price of less then 0.03 per gallon.

Chlorine and Chloramine. Unfortunately some cities, mine for one, uses chloramine to disinfect the water supply. Their reasons are that chloramine is less expensive and has a longer pipe life (shelf life). It remains more effective at killing living organisms in a longer underground pipe distribution systems then chlorine does.

The problem is, that now, the consumers of the water are drinking two kinds of poison, chlorine and ammonia, a 50/50 mixture. You should use Activated Coconut Carbon (ACC) for chloramine removal and it will also remove chlorine and trihalowmethane. Activated coconut carbon is very effective at cleaning water. ACC also removes (greatly reduces) many contaminants such as lead and many other heavy metals. Of course there won't be any heavy metals when used after a Nano Ceram filter.

Chlorine also produces a another nasty problem contaminant, trihalomethane! Trihalomethanes occur when naturally-occurring organic and inorganic materials in the water react with the disinfectants, chlorine and chloramine.

All city water supplies use chlorine so all city water has a great potential to produce tihalomethane. The good news is that no contaminants will pass through the NanoCeram filter and if they did, the carbon will remove them.

The good news about Chlorine. Chlorine has single handedly save more lives then any other product discovered in the world. By adding chlorine to the large city water supply distribution system it has allowed millions of people worldwide to receive “safe” water many miles form the potable water plant distribution point.

But, chlorine is still a poison, it is designed to kill and poison is still poison! Now that the water is at your home you want to take the poison out of your water. Having a good water filter is the only way to provide you and your family with clean, safe, healthy water. Buy why have a “good” filter when you can have the “best” filter, Nano Ceram!

Modern water treatment plants. We have a brand new, state-of-the-art water treatment plant in our small town. The city utility manager is a friend of mine and he allowed my Rotary Club the opportunity to tour the new treatment system. Of course I had to ask him, does this new system remove drugs from our water? His answer was fast and short...NO! This new city system uses the state-of-the-art new Hollow Core Fiber method to clean and treat the water and it cannot remove drugs!

Drugs, Endocrine Disrupting Compounds (EDC) are in every city water system. All lakes, streams and rivers both large and small, world wide, have some form of EDC's in them. It has been proven many times all over the world. The testing of the waters with these contaminance will continue forever. EDC's can range from an aspirin to the heavy drugs like heart medicine, viagra, hormone pills etc, etc, and there are tens of thousands of them. EDC's are every where. EDC's are hard to get away from but they are easy to remove from your water with the right filter, NanoCeram.

When taken as prescribed there is nothing wrong with some of these drugs but the problem arises when one, two or hundreds of these drugs mix together in a soup call “drinking water”. All EDC's are tested separately at the pharmaceutical lab and approved by the FDA to work alone in our bodies but they are never tested to work with other drugs.

This problem of EDC's in our water is not new. I have known about if for over 30 years. Only in the last 7 have we been able to clean it out of our water at a very affordable price.

“Ultimate Whole House Water Filter” (actual installation seen below) In one of my installations you will see four of the Enpress ONE Canister filters; first is the 5 micron pre-filter then the Nano-AL (manufactured by Argonide, paper by Alhstrome), followed by a carbon filter and finally the scale inhibitor “TAC” by FilterSorb for scale control. I am happy to report that every one of my customers that have the Enpress ONE filters are very happy with their clean water systems.

Filter sizes. Argonide can manufacture any size filter in just about any configuration so if you have an idea just give them a call. If you already have a water filter canister in your home or office, there is probably a Nano Ceram filter made to fit them. These sizes cover both carbon (PAC) and non-carbon filters. The P-2.5” round filters come in lengths of 10”, 20” and 40”. The P-4.5” round filters come in lengths of 10”, 20” and 40”. The Enpress ONE Nano-AL is about 34” tall by 6” round and will only fit the Enpress ONE Canisters .

The problem with all water filters. The biggest problem we have in the water filter industry is that there is not one type of filter that removes all contaminants. There are so many different contaminants, debris, pollution, minerals, dirt, oil, chemicals and drugs that it's virtually impossible to have one filter that removes all pollution. For instance only water softeners remove hardness, only carbon removes chlorine and it takes special media to remove nitrates, arsenic, fluoride, radon, uranium, MTBE, oil and so on.  

One of the hardest problems to solve or eliminate in a large scale is sodium (salt). It is even hard for an RO system to remove salt. The Nano Ceram filters also do not remove dissolved salts.

However, the entire line of NanoCeram water filters are still the most efficient, effective and affordable water filter on the market today and will remove more contaminants then any other filter.. This simple paper filter will remove more contaminants then any other paper filter made. It's what I use in my home to protect my family and our health!

OK, what's the secret ingredient, how does it work?
I hope you are not disappointed in it's simplicity but it's very easy... it's just natures powerful “law of attraction”! I know...that sounds to simple, but its true! The law of attraction is not just for lovers, it works in many ways and in many situations. Almost all contaminant lurking in your water have a negative charge to them. The contaminants are attracted to the positively charged nano alumina fibers in the filter media and held there indefinitely. The nano alumina (AIOOH) fiber is only 2 nanometers in diameter, it has a high electroposive charge and is smaller then a carbon tube. About the size of a DNA molecule.

I am using Argonides own words, taken from Argonides own website, to help explain it better then I can.


“Argonide’s NanoCeram® patented filter media features a thermally bonded blend of microglass fibers & cellulose infused with nanoalumina fibers in a non-woven matrix that creates an electropositively charged depth filter media. When assembled into a pleated cartridge, all NanoCeram® filters offer and provide a unique combination of efficiency, capacity, flow rate & low pressure drop at levels unmatched in today’s filtration marketplace. In addition, all NanoCeram® filter cartridges are assembled using only FDA-compliant materials."


All cartridges are engineered and designed to satisfy the most difficult requirements in water treatment. By using the scientific principle of electropositive attraction/capture, NanoCeram®’s NASA-derived technology leads to a rapid and highly efficient adsorption of virtually all particle sizes. NanoCeram®’s media has a high capacity for particles as large as tens of microns or as small as a few nanometers. Each NanoCeram® filter cartridge exhibits a rating of 0.2µ – a rating typically associated with microporous membranes. Yet NanoCeram® flow rates are hundreds of times greater than such membranes.”

So the secret is...I you haven't guessed the secret special ingredient, it's the... ...Nanoalumina fibers! Very simple, very easy, very effective and very affordable! Isn't it time you let the “Law of Attraction” work for you?

If you have any questions or for more information on the entire line of NanoCeram water filters and to find the best system to fit your needs call me directly,

AL @ 719-660-3495

Thank you,