Informational Water Videos

 This is a great video from Ahlstrom, the manufacturer of the NanoCeram filter media.


This is a great water bottle...I have one and so do my employees. There is a Nano Ceram filter with carbon built into the lid.



A new emerging contaminant that the EPA says they cannot regulate but is known as a carcinogen to humans. The water gets better all the time!

Here is a link to the article containing the video above.


When you live "downstream" and we all do, there will be some form of pharmaceuticals (drugs) (EDC's) in the water. The full line of NanoCeram water filters have been proven to greatly reduce drugs from your water supply at a very affordable price!



More bad water news for Colorado.......

Colorado State reports a spike in cancer rates south of Colorado Springs where water is contaminated
The state health department has issued a preliminary health study that shows a higher than expected rate of cancers in Widefield, Security and Fountain, Colorado. Those are the same three towns where drinking water is contaminated and people are advised to not consume the drinking water.
Denver Post.

More Videos Coming Soon....