Are there drugs in your water supply? Absolutely!

A 02:30 minute video


The entire line of Nano Ceram water filters represent a paradigm shift in the water filter industry. So much so that it is known as the "disruptor" of water filters. Water testing associations don't even know how to classify this technology.

The design is so simple it was overlooked! It's discovery unlocked a new way of looking at cleaning our water of harmful contaminants.

This one filter, NanoCeram, can greatly reduce more contaminants then any other filter in the world. Greatly reducing  bacteria, virus's, drugs, pesticides, RNA, DNA and heavy metals just to name a few.

Here are a few things the Ahlstrom Disruptor® will remove,

Virus (Polio, Norovirus, Rotavirus, etc.) Bacteria (E. coli, Legionella, Pseudomonas, etc.) Cyst* Humic Acid Bromine (carbon) Chlorine (carbon) Iodine (carbon) Lead 8.5 pH* Ortho-phosphate PCBs BPA Penicillin G Flumenquine DNA.RNA Polysaccharides

NanoCeram...It's efficient, it's affordable and it's effective. It truly is the worlds best water filter!

Check out the NanoCeram FAQ page for more information.