Whole House Ultra Filter with NanoCeram

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NASA inspired high flow ultra filter with stainless steel wall mount or free standing frame.

This is by far the most effective and affordable whole house water filter in the world.

  • The first canister is a 1 micron replaceable sediment pre-filter removing massive amounts of sediment, dirt and debri. This inexpensive filter extends the usefull life of the second filter.
  • The heart of this system is in the center canister. It's a replaceable 4.5 x 20" NanoCeram pleated filter. This NASA funded technology is now available and affordable for home use. This pleated filter will produce safe and clean drug free water for every faucet in the home.
  • The third canister contains Activated Carbon (AC). This AC is designed to effectivly reduce Chlorine, Trihalomethane and Chloramine. Many water suppliers accross the nation are switching from Chlorine to Chloramine due to it's many cost saving benefits. Chlorine and Chloramine remain as a poison and as such should be removed from your water supply before bathing, drinking or consumption.

The reason this system is so affordable is the fact that it is not proprietary in nature. It was designed to use the same material used in other systems. All the canisters can hold any 4.5 x 20" filters. They can be custom filled with different media to remove many different contaminants. The stainless steel rack can be hung on the wall or set on the floor and will not rust like other brackets.

You can add more then one system together for an even more effective filter system.

* Reduces sediment and dirt.
* Reduces chlorine.
* Treats your water for bacteria, viruses, cysts, Guardia and Cryptosporidium
* Reduces heavy metals from your water
* Reduces EDC's (drugs) from your water
* Smallest micron (.02) filter available in a whole house water filter
* Reduces offensive odors
* Greatly Improves water taste
* Highest water flow rates (14gpm service flow rate)
* Very small foot print, wall hung unit at 10"D x 25" W x 29" H
* Lead free, meets all state requirements
* Has no moving parts to break down
* Rugged and sturdy filter canister
* No wasted water as with a back washing tank or an RO filter
* Won't lower the PH like a Reverse Osmosis system
* Retains beneficial minerals in the water
* Maintains alkaline water balance, good for the body
* Improves indoor air quality by reducing chlorine gas in your showers
* Has a very long service life, up to 250,000 gallons before NanoCeram filter change
* Easy to service, no special tools or ladders required
* Very low maintenance, just replace filter and media cartridges
* Protects against the need for potential "boil water alerts"
* The most affordable whole house water filter available
* Average monthly cost of only about $10 per month
* Safe, clean water at every outlet in your home or office
* Clean safe great tasting water for less then $0.007 per gallon
* 60 day, 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied

The NanoCeram water filter was an R&D Magazine “R&D 100” award-winning technology in 2002 and was inducted into the Space Foundation’s Space Technology Hall of Fame in 2005.

Again, by adding the NanoCeram filter to any filter system you are assured of the cleanest and safest water available. There are no better water filters available on the market today!