The "Lead in my water" scare tactic!

It never ceases to amaze me how people or groups of people use scare tactics to get things done or move the (a) needle in a certain direction. This is a very effective strategy used by the political left, better known as the Progressive Party.

Don't get me wrong lead is a bad metal to ingest but so are many other things that we consume. Take fluoride for instance. It is a by-product of making aluminum and it is a poison. It's first commercial market was as a rat poison on rail cars to obviously ...kill rats!

Now millions of people are forced to drink water with fluoride because lobbyist sold the idea to water purveyors and politicians just to get rid of the fluoride. What a deal!

How about Chlorine, Chloramine, Trihalomethane, drugs, pesticides, RNA, DNA and thousands of other contaminants in your water that no one is testing for much less talking about. All of the above is (are) a form of poison.

Back to lead. Why are they picking on Lead? People have been using lead for thousands of years and again lead is not a good metal to consume. But why lead and why now?

I have been a plumber for over 40 years and for at least 20 of those years I have soldered copper pipes with a mixture of 50% lead and 50% antimony. The copper and brass pipes and fittings were made in part with lead. I have made lead shower pans poured lead joints and breathed many a lead fumes as well have thousands of plumbers before me. No one complained or was "scared" about it.

So...why Flint, why lead and why now?


PS. Lead is easy to remove from your water. Using the line of NanoCeram water filters you can have very safe, clean, healthy and lead free water.



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