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The Green Filtration Series are electropositively charged dual gradient double pleated filtration solutions that successfully remove contaminants from 1 to 0.2 microns, featuring ENPRESS NanoAlTM media. The filters are designed with a larger 20 micron pre-filtration layer externally and the charged media internally, extending filtration level contamination and service life, while achieving high flow and low pressure drop.


External 20 Micron Pleated pre-filter, with NanoAl™ PAC Pleated Inner Filter w/ Agion® Biostat and Carbon Block Core


• Dual Gradient Double Pleated Filters with electropositively charged
   NanoAl™ mediaDouble Buna-N O-ring seals
Filter Belly Bands
PAC solution option
Agion® antimicrobial technology


Remove contaminants from 1 to 0.2 microns
Higher flow rate and loading capacity
Reduces unwanted bad taste and odor from potable drinking water
24/7 resistance of microbe growth


Primary Filtration in lieu of microporous membranes
Make Up Water (particulate, microbial control)
Polishing Filters (carbon fines, emulsified oil removal)
RO Prefiltration (SDI reduction)
Process Water (turbidity, particulate, colloidal suspensions)
Waste Water (biologicals, proteins, dyes)
Cooling Towers, Chill Water
Loops (iron removal)