Enpress CT-5020

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The Orange Filtration Series are dual gradient double pleated filtration solutions for extended life and use, with filtration levels of 5, 10 and 20 microns. The filters are designed with a larger pre-filtration layer externally and the smaller internally, extending filtration level contamination and service life, while achieving high flow and low pressure drop.


External 50 Micron Pleated pre-filter, with 20 Micron Pleated Internal Filter


• Dual Gradient Double Pleated Filters
Double Buna-N O-ring seals
Filter Belly Bands
Durable Polyester filter and Polypropylene cap construction


Extended service life, contaminant removal, and dirt holding capacity
Ensures no bypass of contaminants and high chemical compatibility
Prevents collapsing of filters under high flow or contaminant load applications
Bacteria and chemical resistant filter


• Ideal for Residential, Food Service, Rental Fleets, Commercial and
Industrial Applications
• Make-up Water, RO Pre- filtration, Cooling Towers, Chill Water Loops, Metal Finishing Process Water (turbidity, particulate, colloidal suspensions)