Enpress CT-MEDIA05-MID

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The White Filtration Series is a unique and high capacity granular media bottle that allows incorporation of multiple media options and solutions to be used with the series. This filter series is a 0.5 ft3 empty bottle for filling of granular filtration media. This ONE - Water Filtration SimplifiedTM filter series is ideal for a wide range of Residential, Food Service, Commercial, and Industrial applications, and can be used for multiple applications from Service DI, POE for city or well-water installations, Rental Programs, Exchange systems, high-purity pre- or post-filtration applications, etc...the options, configurations, and solutions are endless.


Full 0.5 ft3 configuration with Mid-Vortech® separation plate, able to be filled with any media for up-flow or down-flow service, due to use of Vortech® technology.


0.5 cuft empty media bottle
Polyethylene construction
Vortech® distributor plate
Locking or Removable top cap Rings on bottom of bottle
Double Buna-N O-ring seals Mid-Vortech® distributor plate option


• Extended service life and high capacity contaminant removal
• High chemical resistance
• Up-flow or down-flow service and full utilization of the media bed
• Ease of handling
• Ensures no bypass of contaminants and high chemical compatibility
• Separation of multimedia configurations


• Ideal for Residential, Food/Beverage Service, Rental Fleets, Service DI Exchange, Plating solutions, Commercial and Industrial Applications
• Metal finishing, Oxidizing agents, Corrosive fluids, Electronics, Pre-RO, Process Water, Waste Water, Cooling Towers, Make-up Water, Polishing Filters, Primary Filtration