NanoCeram® Water Filter P4.5"-10" AG Pleated Paper Water Filter

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Made in the USA by

argonide corp. nano filter material



Please check out the "Research and Testing" page Here.

NanoCeram® Nanofilters, Nanofiltration,  by Argonide Corp (USA).

The NanoCeram® pleated nanofiltration filters are specialy made electropositively charged nanofilters featuring nano-sized activated alumina particles bonded onto a glass fiber matrix to filter out:

  • Sub-micron particulates (0.2-1 micron)
  • Turbidity
  • Rust particles
  • Iron bacteria,
  • Colloidal silica
  • Reduce microorganisms
  • Reduce drugs
  • Reduce pesticides
  • Reduces lead


The price shown is for one of the NanoCeram P4.5" -10" AG pleated paper filter. This filter should be good for about 150,000 gallons if a 1 micron pre-filter is used before it.

This fits 99% of all  4.5" x 10" BB filter canisters made. You can replace your existing, less effective filter with this NanoCeram® Ultra Filter.

This NanoCeram® water filter is a high flow cartridge safely cleaning your water at 14 gallons-per-minute. This fits all the 10" x 4.5" "Big Blue" canisters. This is an "Ultra Filter" that will greatly reduce hundreds of contaminants including drugs, RNA, DNA, bacteria and virus's.