Nano Ceram Water Filter PAC4.5-10-AG" Pleated Paper Water Filter with Powdered Activated Carbon

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Made in the USA by

argonide corp. nano filter material


NanoCeram® Nanofilters, Nanofiltration,  by Argonide Corp (USA).

The NanoCeram® pleated nanofiltration filters are specialy made electropositively charged nanofilters featuring nano-sized activated alumina particles bonded onto a glass fiber matrix to filter out:

  • Reduces Sub-micron particulates (0.2-1 micron)
  • Reduces Turbidity
  • Reduces Rust particles
  • Reduces Iron bacteria,
  • Reduces Colloidal silica
  • Reduce Microorganisms
  • Reduce Drugs
  • Reduce Pesticides
  • Reduces Lead


This NanoCeram PAC4.5-10 filter fits the 4.5" x 10" canisters and will remove gas's like chlorine, chloramine and trihalomethayne as well as hundreds of contaminants like drugs, pesticides, bacteria, virus's, RNA and DNA.

This price is for one of the PB4.5-10" carbon block NanoCeram® filters.